Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Executive Importance of Information Security

On February 12, President Obama signed an Executive Order on Improving Critical Infrastructure Cyber security (EO). The EO puts in place measures to encourage information sharing between the government and private industry, as well as measures to put in place “voluntary” cyber security standards for critical infrastructure.  According to the executive order, the repeated cyber intrusions into critical infrastructure demonstrated the need for improved cyber security. The government concludes that information sharing is needed to ensure that both private and government actors had the latest available cyber threat information. They are creating a Voluntary Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security Program for private critical infrastructure owners. There will be a requirement that government agencies may start assessing that if current regulatory security requirements are sufficient, and if further changes may be imposed to improve cyber security measures. Much of the impact of the EO will likely turn on how stringent the voluntary cyber security standards that it creates will be, thus changing the current regulatory standards like Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA or the Graham-Leach Billey Act.

With the ever increasing importance of cyber security, implementing a secure way of transmitting information is as important as ever. It is vital that organizations have a secure way of sending and receiving sensitive documents, minimizing the risk of a security breach, and complying with current and future government regulations. Faxing remains one of the most secure methods for a business to transmit critical information. An organization may have to provide documented proof of compliance with the information security standards that govern their business. RightFax offers a safe and proven method to ensure your information is exchanged securely, while increasing efficiencies and supporting compliance.  The RightFax SecureDocs connector allows you to send and receive email securely, without sacrificing the security and auditing features of RightFax 

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