Thursday, April 11, 2013

Searchable PDFs





Find Faxes Faster with Native Searchable PDFs  


RightFax 10.5 offers a file format called "Searchable PDF" which as its name implies, creates a searchable portable document file (PDF) after applying an OCR procedure on the captured fax. PDF is the chosen format because of its ubiquitous availability and readability virtually worldwide. Once optically recognized, indexed and stored, the fax is able to be searched more accurately. 

Once recognized the faxes can be sent to an email gateway (e.g., SMTP, Exchange or Lotus), a network folder (where it can be searched), or directly to the RightFax XML Generator for integration into other Content Management Systems, or any applications that can ingest XML data, including numerous multi-function products (MFPs).
Features and benefits:

  • Applies OCR to incoming faxes, converts to a searchable PDF    
    • Conversion process can be run remotely for optimal load balancing and availability, reducing manual processes and increasing productivity
  • Delivers faxes with searchable content as PDF files
    • Delivers OCR results to either a Network Folder, Email, or a Network MFP, streamlining workflow efficiency and reducing error
  • Sends faxes a searchable PDFs from MFPs and XML Generator
    • Optionally integrates with RightFax XML Generator for integration to other applications or MFPs, leveraging existing IT investments
  •  Faxes are sorted with searchable content
    • iFilter indexing plug-in is used to create the PDF index
    • Desktop searches can be performed by anyone with a typical desktop search engine
    • Search engines look for a match within an index
    • Improves worker productivity and reduces risk associated with document handling requirements

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