Friday, August 16, 2013

RightFax FaxUtil User Interface

RightFax FaxUtil is an easy to use interface for RightFax, allowing users to manage faxes from their desktop. The intuitive graphics gives the user an easier understanding of the different features of RightFax. There are pop-up descriptions as the user navigates the program. Users can even customize their toolbar, allowing them to select what buttons they would like to have available. The user can even customize the different views, to suit individual preferences.  

The Enterprise Fax Manager has been updated with better graphics, making it more intuitive and easy to use. These enhancements help to increase user productivity, by making it easier for the user to navigate the RightFax FaxUtil and Enterprise Fax Mananger.

Below is a short video showcasing the user interface of RightFax FaxUtil:

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